ICE Handbook of Geosynthetic Engineering: Geosynthetics and their applications, Third edition

Table Of Contents

01. Fundamentals of geosynthetics - S.K. Shukla
02. Soil-geosynthetic interaction - M.L. Lopes and C.S. Vieira
03. Filters and drains - A.H. Aydilek, Y. Zhang and A.Y. Dayioglu
04. Retaining walls – limit-equilibrium-based approach - B.M. Das and S.K.Shukla
05. Retaining walls – reliability-based approach - A. Pain and E. Agarwal
06. Embankments - E.M. Palmeira
07. Shallow foundations - S.K. Shukla
08. Deep foundations - M. Muthukumar and S.K.Shukla
09. Unpaved roads - P.L. Bourdeau, A.K. Ashmawy, A.Trivedi and S.K.Shukla
10. Paved roads and runways - S.W. Perkins, R.R. Berg and B.R. Christopher
11. Railway tracks - A. Tan, S.K. Shukla and S.S. Nimbalkar
12. Slopes–erosion control - T.S. Ingold, M.H. Li and S. Cuomo
13. Slopes–stabilisation - S.K. Shukla, N.Sivakugan, B.M.Das and J.F. Xue
14. Landfills and barriers for contaminant migration - H. Zanzinger, E. Gartung and W. Hornsey
15. Earth and tailings dams - D.N. Arnepalli, D.N. Singh and S.K. Shukla
16. Containment ponds, reservoirs and canals - N. Touze, G. Stoltz and L. Peyras
17. Ports, waterways and coastal structures - Y. Miyata, R.J. Bathurst and D. Takano
18. Hydraulic and transport tunnels, and shafts - D. Cazzuffi, A. Scuero and G. Vaschetti
19. Geosynthetic-reinforced soil walls and slopes seismic aspects - R.J. Bathurst, K.Hatami and M.C. Alfaro
20. Basic description of fibre-reinforced soils - S.K. Shukla
21. Sustainability considerations in geosynthetic applications - D. Basu and M.Lee
22. Geosynthetic applications–general aspects and selected case studies - S.K. Shukla