Recommendations on Piling (EA-Pfähle) Special Edition for Southern Africa

Table Of Contents

Members of the AK 2.1 Piling committee of the German Geotechnical Society V
1. Foreword to South African Edition of “Recommendation on Piling (EA-Pfähle)” VII
2. Foreword to South African Edition of EA Pfähle IX
Preface of the English Version of the Recommendations of the Piling Committee of the German Geotechnical Society XI
Preface of the 2nd German edition X111
1 Introduction to the Recommendations and their Application Principles 1
2 Pile Systems 9
3 Pile Foundation Design and Analysis Principles 27
4 Actions and Effects 47

5 Bearing Capacity and Resistances of Single Piles 69
6 Stability Analyses 121
7 Grillage Analysis 129
8 Analysis and Verification of Pile Groups 131
9 Static Pile Load Tests 159
10 Dynamic pile load tests 209
11 Quality Assurance during Pile Execution
12 Pile Integrity Testing
13 Bearing Capacity and Analyses of Piles under Cyclic, Dynamic and Impact Actions 285
Annex A Terms, Partial Safety Factors and Principles for Analysis 307
Annex B Example Calculations for Pile Resistance Analysis and Verifications 331
Annex C Examples of Dynamic Pile Load Testing and Integrity Testing 395
Annex D Analysis Methods and Examples for Cyclically Loaded Piles (Informative) 417
Literatur 459