Wastewater Engineering Treatment and Resource Recovery Fifth Edition Volume 1 – This International Student Edition is for use outside the U.S

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction to Wastewater Treatment and Process Analysis
2. Wastewater Characteristics
3. Wastewater Flowrates and Constituent Loadings
4. Wastewater Treatment Process Selection, Design, and Implementation
5. Physical Unit Operations
6. Chemical Unit Processes
7. Fundamentals of Biological Treatment
8. Suspended Growth Biological Treatment Processes
9. Attached Growth and Combined Biological Treatment Processes
10. Anaerobic Suspended and Attached Growth Biological Treatment Processes
11. Separation Processes for Removal of Residual Constituents
12. Disinfection Processes
13. Processing and Treatment of Sludges
14. Biosolids Processing, Resource Recovery and Beneficial Use
15. Plant Recycle Flow Treatment and Nutrient Recovery
16. Air Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Facilities and Their Control
17. Energy Considerations in Wastewater Management
18. Wastewater Management: Future Challenges and Opportunities
A Conversion Factors
B Physical Properties of Selected Gases and the Composition of Air
C Physical Properties of Water
D Statistical Analysis of Data
E Dissolved Oxygen Concentration in Water as a Function of Temperature, Salinity and Barometric Pressure
F Carbonate Equilibrium
G Moody Diagrams for the Analysis of Flow in Pipes
H Analysis of Nonideal Flow in Reactors Using Tracers
I Modeling Nonideal Flow in Reactors