Spine of a Dragon - Contributions on ABA Brink (1927-2003), South Africa's pioneer of engineering geology - (no member discount)

Table Of Contents


Preface iv

Chapter One

In Recognition of Remarkable Achievements 1

Chapter Two

A Short Biography of ABA Brink 7

Chapter Three

The Ancestors of ABA Brink 21

Chapter Four

Personal Tributes to ABA Brink 29

Chapter Five

A History of Engineering Geology in South Africa 47

Chapter Six

Towards a Better Understanding of Dolomites 95

Chapter Seven

Brinks Contributions to Engineering Geology 109

Chapter Eight

A Geological Perspective on Brinks 121

Engineering Geology of Southern Africa

Chapter Nine

An Engineering Perspective on Brinks

Engineering Geology of Southern Africa 127

Chapter Ten 135

A Proud Publication Record