Commemorative Journal of the Geotechnical Division of SAICE

Table Of Contents


Preface vii

Foreword ix

Concise history of the Geotechnical Division of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering xi

Recipients of the South African Geotechnical Medal . xxxi

Practical notes on tunnelling
Alfred E Snape . 1

Geology in dam construction .
Alex L du Toit 32

Some foundation experiences in the Durban area
L E Collins 75

The genesis and distribution of expansive soil types in South Africa
A B A Brink 94

The phenomenon of heaving foundations
J E Jennings . 105

Recent experiences with the consolidation test as a means of identifying conditions of heaving or collapse of foundation on partially saturated soils .
J E Jennings, K Knight . 130

The prediction of total heave from the double
J E Jennings, K Knight . 136

Problems of foundations on collapsing soils 151
K Knight . 151

A simplified colour chart for soil identification .
J B Burland . 158

The heaving of buildings and the associated economic consequences, with particular reference to the Orange Free State Goldfields
J E Jennings, J E Derrick . 164

The prediction of heave from the plasticity index and percentage clay fraction of soils
D H van der Merwe . 206

Building on dolomites in the Transvaal
J E Jennings . 214

Revised guide to soil profiling for civil engineering purposes in Southern Africa
J E Jennings. A B A Brink. A.A.B. Williams . 236

Shear stability of dumps and dams of gold mining waste
G E Blight . 247

The role of the engineering geologist
K.A Clause, F Nederberg ,A A B Williams 255

Engineering classification of jointed rock masses .
Z T Bieniawski 262

The failure of a slimes dam at Bafokeng: Mechanisms of failure and associated design considerations .
J E jennings271

Significance of the probability of failure in
H A D Kirsten 282

Problem soils in South Africa - State of the art: Collapsible soils .
K Schwartz 289

Problem soils in South Africa - State of the art: Dispersive soils .
H F W K Elges 299

Problem soils in South Africa - State of the art: Dolomites
E von M Wagner 305

Problem soils in South Africa – State of the art: Expansive soils
A A B Williams, F T Pidgeon. P W Day 315

Problem soils in South Africa – State of the art: Soft clays
G A Jones, P Davies 326

A systematic approach to the design and construction of single-storey residential masonry structures on problem soils .
R B Watermeyer, B E Tromp 334

The method of scenario supposition for stability evaluation of sites on dolomitic land in South Africa .
D B Buttrick A van Schalkwyk . 348

The Merriespruit slimes dam failure: Overview and lessons learnt
F Wagner 354

A review of important and interesting technical findings regarding the tailings dam failure at Merriespruit
J H Stydom. A A B Williams 359

Proposed method for dolomite land hazard and risk assessment in South Africa
D B Buttrick, A van Schalkwyk;. R J Kleywegt, R B Watermeyer 368