NEC3 how to … write the PSC Scope For use with the Professional Services Contract

Table Of Contents

Foreword v
Preface vii
Acknowledgements viii
Chapter 1 Introduction 1
Chapter 2 The status of the Scope 3
The function of the Scope 3
The relationship between the Scope and the Contract Data 4
The relationship between the Scope and pricing documents 5
Inconsistencies within the Scope and between the Scope and other documents 5
Chapter 3 Drafting the Scope 7
Incorporation of standard sets of requirements 7
Assumptions 7
Interfaces 7
Management of risks 8
Health and safety information 8
The Scope for a PSC subcontract 8
Examination of typical traditional requirements 9
General drafting advice 10
Chapter 4 PSC references to Scope 13
Chapter 5 The structure of the Scope 19
Appendix A Example Scope structure 21