Dams: Engineering in a Social and Environmental Context

Table Of Contents

1. Legislative and policy frameworks for dam professionals
Reservoir safety - what do we mean? 3
C.W Scott
Proposed reservoir safety legislation for Northern Ireland 11
D.N Porter
Statutory reservoirs: matters of opinion 21
A.L Warren, A.C Morison, R.I Lewis and S. Rundle
Potential changes to hazard categorisation and inflow design
floods for reservoirs in the United Kingdom 36
C.H Vyse
Implementing Severn Trent Water's People Plan to become
the best in Great Britain at managing reservoir safety 43
I. Hope
2. Geotechnical issues of dam construction and maintenance
Monitoring embankment performance during the raising of
Abberton Reservoir 59
G. Hird, R. Morris and I. Carter
Some Aspects of Embankment Dams Constructed on the
Mercia Mudstone 71
T. Blower and L.F Jarvis
Gleann Astaile Dam - Design and Construction of a
Geomembrane Lined Embankment Dam 84
M.J Hill and I.C Carter
Recent Improvements in Predicting Breach through Flood
Embankments and Embankment Dams 97
M.W Morris, M.A.A M Hassan and M. van Damme
Behaviour of embankment dams in earthquakes 109
J.L Hinks, L. Spasic-Gril and M.J Palmer
Numerical Analysis of the Seismic Response of La Villita
Dam in Mexico 120
L. Pelecanos, S. Kontoe and L. Zdravkovi?
Applying available internal erosion criteria to dams with
cores of glacial till - a reassessment of a 1980s sinkhole 131
H. R?nnqvist
Thermal Deformation of Concrete Dams: Justification,
Clarification and Improvement of Statistical Analysis 145
M. Tatin, M. Briffaut, F. Dufour, A. Simon, J.P Fabre and B.Rousset
3. Risk-related aspects of reservoirs and their operation
Reservoir safety risk assessment - a new guide 159
M. Morris, M. Wallis, A. Brown, D. Bowles. J Gosden, A. Hughes
A. Topple, P. Sayers and K. Gardiner
Observations on the boundary between high and lower risk
reservoirs 171
A.J Brown, J.D Gosden and P. Gotch
Flood Contingency Planning During Construction on Reservoir
Embankments 183
P.J. H Roberts, A.T Lowe, M. Francis and J.A Patel
Pebley Reservoir(Derbyshire) Emergency Drawdown Exercise 193
D.M Windsor
Exploring the potential use of a risk-based approach to assessing
the geotechnical well-being of the slopes of old embankment dams 206
M. Eddleston
A pragmatic approach to Portfolio Risk Assessment at Severn
Trent Water 219
O.J Chesterton, T.J Hill, I.M Hope and M. Airey
A Guide to the Effects of Climate Change in Dams 231
A.K Huges and D. Hunt
The effect of selected climate change scenarios on engineering
risk associated with slope stability of embankment dams 247
M-C. Preziosi and T. Micic
Current European Research Relevant to Reservoir Safety: The
FloodProBE and UrbanFlood Projects 259
M. Morris, C. Goff and J. Simm
4 Construction - initiatives and innovation
Trackling the Thorny Issue of Spillway Capacity in Yorkshire 273
J.N Booth, J.L Deuchar and A.K Hughes
The reservoirs of the Holme Valley 289
R.J Robson
Physical Testing of a Stepped Masonry Spillway 302
P.D Down and M. Wearing
Precast Concrete in Reservoir Engineering New Construction
Techniques in Water Retaining Design 314
R.J Robson and A.D Bull
Braid Burn Flood Storage Reservoirs 326
I.A.T Gowans, T. Dougall and J. Davies
Discontinuance of Small Reservoirs 334
J.R Claydon
5. Environmental considerations of dam construction and repair
Environment Integral to Flood Detention Dams on the River Mole 343
S.M Jennings, P. Burt and A.J Brown
Mill Beck: a lesson in Reservoir Safety works aligned with public
engagement and a participatory design process 357
A. Peters, K. Crawford, P. Kelham and J. Claydon
The discontinuance of Baystone Bank Reservoir and restoration
Whicham Beck 368
M.I Bailes, P. Bradley, C. Sanders and A. Mulligan
Grouting of Badger Setts in a Flood Storage Reservoir Embankment 380
D.A Bruggeman
Environmental and social impacts of dams in India 388
P. Williams and I. Drabu
Beavers and the Crinan Reservoirs 399
D.H Brown
The Impact of the "New FEH" Depth-Duration Frequency Curves on
Extreme Floods for the Nant-y-Moch Reservoir in mid-Wales 406
C. Winter, P. Mason and E. Stewart
6. Construction - new dams and upgrades
The Hull Tidal Surge Barrier refurbishment project 415
A.J Newton and D. Griffiths
Physical and CFD modelling of a labyrinth spillway for Penwhirn
reservoir 422
J.Ackers, F. Bennett, G. Karunaratne, S. MacCarthy and C. Thornton
Coldwell Lower Reservoir - Weighted Filter, Wave Wall and Overflow
Improvements 433
M. Eddleston, I.C Carter, R. Cuffwright, M. McCormick,
P. Kavanagh and I. Scholefield
The Design and Construction of Kargu Dam 443
M.J Hill, W.S Sheehy and I.C Carter
The design and construction of Banbury flood storage reservoir 457
J.C Ackers, J.K Hopkins, P. Caulfield and R. Harding
Improving Anglian Water's emergency response for reservoir
safety 474
M. Tam and M. Humphrey
7. Incidents and remedial works to existing dams
Remedial grouting works at Upper Rivington Reservoir 489
P.J Rigby and K.D Gardiner
Recent incidents at canal reservoirs 501
D.H Brown
Remedial works at Sunderton Pool 511
M.D Acford, C.A Goff, R.I Lewis and A.L Warren
Restoring Storage Capacity at Roseau Reservoir following
Hurricane Tomas 524
S. Yeoh
Index 535