Filters and Drainage in Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering

Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Preface viii
Organisation ix
Keynote Lecture
Filtering and drainage of contaminated water 1
R Kerry Row and JF VanGulck
Experimental and fundamental studies
Filtration tests on geotextiles under confinement 65
MG Gardoni and EM Palmeira
Comparative performance testing of geotextiles in mine backfill bag 79
filtration and drainage
L Gilbert and G James
Mathematical modelling of granular filters in embankment dams 105
upon reservoir impounding
J Lafleur and B Courcelles
Internal stability of coarse-grained soils 119
RJ Fannin, R Moffat and AS Khan
A denitrification process based on a new geo-filtering media 131
R Lacasse, G Bèlanger, P Talbot, J Mlynarek and O Vermeersch
Design aspects
Effectiveness of geocomposite-drains on basement walls under the 143
influence of backfill settlements
H Zanzinger, U Koehler and K Kurch
Geotextiles are setting standards for long-term stability 155
G Heerten and F Saathoff
Evaluation of seepage failure of soil with a loaded filter in front of 169
sheet piles in two dimensions using Extended Prismatic Failure Concept
T Tanaka, N Setsune and K Inoue
Flow estimate in horizontal water well used in environmental projects 181
MMR Campos and MEG Boscov
Case studies
Synthetic geofilters in safe containment of dredged polluted sediments 193
MG Glamen and A Hauge
Geobag protection in Bangladesh 205
K Oberhagemann
Challenges for the use of geosynthetics to improve the safety of river 217
dykes after the flood disasters in Europe
G Heerten, J White and K Werth
Study on the behaviour of geotextile filters incorporated in bank 229
revetments of an inland waterway in Italy
D Cazzuffi, E Crippa
Behaviour of non-woven geotextiles in river bank protection works 245
F Caquel
NEF testing on a case study by a relatively large-scale filtration apparatus 255
A Soroush and PT Shourijeh
A drainage system underneath the Olympic Stadium of Amsterdam 267
J Lambert, P den Nijs and R van Spaandonk
Drainage & dewatering
Influence of geotextile filters on the discharge capacity 281
of geocomposite drainage materials
J Mueller-Rochholz, C Recker and R Diederich
Water pressure profile in a landslide mass overlying a buried 293
river-bed and the effect of large drainage wells
ME Bardanis and GT Dounias
Analysis of experimental trench drains behaviour in varved clays 305
Y-H Faure, P Devarreux and Ph Vagner
Modular concept of technical solutions for the improvement of the 315
water quality of acid mine water from former open pits
M Lersow, N Hoth and C Nitsche
Filter performance and stability
Geotextile Selection as Filters within Embankment and Tailings Dams 333
KR Legge
Laboratory filtration test on subballast-subgrade interface under 347
dynamic loading
E Kabir, A Haque and A Bouazza
Case study - Natural filter drains used in alluvial diamond tailings dams 359
R Cooper
Filters subjected to transient hydraulic loading 371
H-J Köhler, W Warnecke and T Holfelder
Author Index 383