Long-Term Benefits and Performance of Dams

Table Of Contents


1. Benefits and social impacts of reservoirs

The benefit of dams to society C J A BINNIE 3

Lake Hood - creating waves in the community G A LOVELL 15

Balancing the costs and benefits of dams: an environmental perspective U COLLIER 26

Follow up to the WCD Report - where has it gone? J BIRD 34

Political ecology of dams in Teesdale C S MCCULLOCH 49

2. The use of new materials

Raising of the Ajaure embankment dam by extending the moraine core with a geomembrane A NILSSON, I EKSTROM 69

Design and performance of Elvington balancing and settling lagoons A ROBERTSHAW and A MACDONALD 81

Twenty five years' experience using bituminous geomembranes as upstream waterproofing for structures M TURLEY and J-L GAUTIER 94

Watertightness and safety of dams using geomembranes A M SCUERO and G L VASCHETTT 102

Downstream slope protection with open stone asphalt A BIEBERSTEIN, N LEGUIT, J QUEISSER and R SMITH 117

3. Risk assessment and reservoir management

Sri Lanka dam safety and reservoir conservation programme L ATTEWILL, L SPASIC GRIL and J PENMAN 133

Condition assessment of Government-owned dams in Finland P VUOLA, R KUUSINIEMI and T MAIJALA 146

Portfolio risk assessment in the UK: a perspective A K HUGHES and K D GARDINER 154

Hydraulic and operational safety evaluation of some existing Portuguese large dams E R SILVA, J R AFONSO and J M ALMEIDA 163

Reliability principles for spillway gates and bottom outlets G M BALLARD and J LEWIN 175

FMECA of the Ajaure Dam - a methodology study M BARTSCH 187

Agent-based dam monitoring V BETTZIECHE 197

Armenia dam safety project J SAWYER and L ATTEW1LL 207

Reservoir management, risk and safety considerations J L HINKS and J A CHARLES 220

Development of a probabilistic methodology for slope stability and seismic assessments of UK embankment dams M EDDLESTON, L BEEUWSAERT, J TAYLOR and K D GARDINER 232

Ridracoli Dam: surveillance and safety evaluation reported in internet page P P MARINI, P BALDONI, F FARINA, F CORTEZZI and A MASERA 247

Reservoirs Act 1975 - progress on the implementation of the Environment Agency as enforcement authority I M HOPE and A K HUGHES 256

Developments in management of reservoir safety in UK A J BROWN and J D GOSDEN 268

Use of expert opinion elicitation to quantify the internal erosion process in dams A J BROWN and W P ASPINALL 282

Dam accident data base DADB - the web based data collection of ICOLD J-J FRY, A VOGEL, J-R COURIVAUD and J-P BLAIS 298

Comparison of some European guidelines for the seismic assessment of dams N REILLY 305

4. Flood impact and alleviation

European research on dambreak and extreme flood processes M W MORRIS and M HASSAN 315

A passive flow-control device for the Banbury flood storage reservoir J ACKERS, P HOLLINRAKE and R HARDING 327

Challenges on dam safety in a changed climate in Norway G H MIDTT0MME 339

Weedon flood storage scheme - the biggest Hydro-brakeĀ® in the world G P BOAKES, A STEPHENSON, J B LOWES, A C MORISON and A T USBORNE 348

Integrating design with the environment to maximise benefits from a flood storage dam: successful implementation at Harbertonford W T BRADLEY, M E JONES and A C MORISON 360

Raciborz flood reservoir L ATTEWILL and E FAGANELLO 371

5. Instrumentation and monitoring

Monitoring of dams in operation - a tool for emergencies and for evaluation of long-term safety T KONOW 387

Long-term stress measurements in the clay cores of storage reservoir embankments K S WATTS, A KILBY and J A CHARLES 396

Glacial risk and reservoir management: the Lago della Rossa reservoir example (Valli di Lanzo, Western Alps, Italy) A TAMBURINI, G MORTARA, L MERCALLI and M LUCIGNANI 408

The performance of Thika Dam, Kenya D A BRUGGEMANN and J D GOSDEN 421

Masjed-e-Soleiman Dam instrumentation P J WILLIAMS 433

6. Incidents and rehabilitation case histories

Challenges and limits - the feasibility of underwater rehabilitation work C HEITEFUSS, H-J KNY and U MOSCHNER 447

Ericht and Dalwhinnie Dam refurbishment and protection works K J DEMPSTER, M GASKIN, R M DOAK.E and D HAY-SMITH 459

Wave assessment on Loch Ericht D HAY-SMITH, R DOAKE, W ALLSOP and K McCONNELL 473

An incident at Ogston Reservoir A K HUGHES, P KELHAM, D S LITTLEMORE and S D R HARWOOD 488

Marmarik dam investigations and remedial works L SPASIC-GRIL and J R SAWYER 503

An update on perfect filters P R VAUGHAN and R C BRIDLE 516

Remedial drainage to Laggan and Blackwater gravity dams R P WALLIS, A C MORISON and R GUNSTENSEN 532

Papan dam studies and remedies C M AKIN SON 544

The Washburn Valley reservoirs - spillway improvements J R CLAYDON, D L KNOTT and I C CARTER 559

Rehabilitation design of Acciano rockfill dam after the September 1997 earthquake R MENGA, M EUSEBIO, R PELLEGRINI and R PATACCA 569

Lessons from a dam incident R C BRIDLE 584

Comments on failures of small dams in the Czech Republic during historical flood events JRIHA 597

Detailed investigation of an old masonry dam A JAUP 609

The long-term performance and remediation of a colloidal concrete dam K J DEMPSTER and J W FINDLAY 617

Some problems at small dams in the United Kingdom J L HINKS and P J WILLIAMS 629

The discontinuance of Devils Dingle Ash Lagoon A K HUGHES and D S LITTLEMORE 639

Bewl Water spillway remedial works I DAVISON and K SHAVE 652

Walthamstow Reservoirs No. 4 and No. 5 embankment protection C B PECK 661

Author index 675