Geosynthetics - Protecting the Environment

Table Of Contents


Keynote paper

Geomembrane liner durability: contributing factors and the status quo

I. D. Peggs 1

Geosynthetic barriers

Hydraulic properties of geosynthetic clay liners
S. A. Jefferis and D.R.V. Jones 33

Design interface shear strengths: peak or residual?
N. Dixon and D.R.V. Jones 51

Use of geosynthetics in landfill steepwall lining systems
E.M.G. Gallagher, A.D. Needham and D.M. Smith 71

Other environmental applications

Applications of electrokinetic geosynthetics
C.J.F.P. Jones, J. Lamont-Black and S. Glendinning 93

Geotextile bags for the containment, filtering and decontamination of slurries
P. Newman 107

Application of geosynthetics in sustainable drainage systems
C. J. Pratt 121

Protection and drainage in landfills

Theoretical approach to designing protection: selecting a geomembrane strain criterion
S. Seeger and W. Muller 137

Use of geocomposite drains in landfill leachate drainage systems: the challenges
RW Marshall 153