The South African Institution Of Civil Engineering

Tracks Across the Veld

Edition: First

Year Published: 2008

Author: Boon Boonzaaier

Publisher: JNC Boonzaaier

ISBN Number: 978-0-620-41711-2

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Summary: While organising Bushveld Train Safaris between 1995 and 2006 we again realised what an incredible railway culture still existed in South Africa. Most of the population born before 1950 had a railway connection while the SAR also gave many bursaries to pay for higher education which in turn led to the development of South Africa as the power house of Africa. I hope that this helps you to appreciate the diverse scenery of Southern Africa, and particularly the engineering obstacles that were overcome while the sub-continent was being provided with a railway network of extremely high standard. May we also not forget the suffering experienced by thousands in extreme temperatures, frequently with the loss of their lives, as they valiantly fought to lay the tracks over the veld. JNC Boonzaaier

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