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Sustainable Water - Delivering Sustainable Infrastructure

Year Published: 2016

Author: Edited by Charles Ainger and Richard Fenner

Publisher: ICE Publishing

ISBN Number: 978-0-7277-5773-9

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Summary: Sustainable Water identifies the key sustainability issues for the water sector, their common principles, and shows how they can be applied in practice. Written in an accessible, style, it aims to understand sustainability, as it applies to water; to identify and apply the critical changes needed to provide more sustainable solutions, and to embed these into a tradition of excellence - delivering sufficient water through a good service, of the right quality, and at affordable cost - as straightforwardly as possible. The book is for water sector practitioners - mainly engineers, but also all the other built environment professionals who play vital roles in creating and maintaining water services - who know generally of the challenges of sustainability, but have not studied the subject.

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