The South African Institution Of Civil Engineering

Successful Professional Reviews for Civil Engineers, Fifth Edition

Edition: Fifth Edition

Year Published: 2022

Author: Patrick Waterhouse

Publisher: ICE Publishing

ISBN Number: 978-0-7277-6609-0

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Weight: 500g

Summary: Successful Professional Reviews for Civil Engineers, Fifth edition is the comprehensive guide to the constituent parts of the ICE Professional Review process, ideal for those engineers nearing the completion of their Initial Professional Development. Working logically through the review process, the chapters ensure that the review candidate is provided with an in-depth understanding of the criteria by which they will be assessed and how to demonstrate these in the final professional review. The fifth edition details how any candidate, from any background, might consider demonstrating the attributes which the reviewers are seeking. It offers many suggestions, examples and anecdotes to assist and guide each individual as they set about achieving success and is fully up to date with the ICE’s latest procedures and pathways to qualification.

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