The South African Institution Of Civil Engineering

Prestressed Concrete design and practice

Edition: First Edition

Year Published: 2000

Author: Vernon Marshall & John M Robberts

Publisher: Concrete Society of Southern Africa Prestressed Concrete Division

ISBN Number: 0-620-25437-8

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Summary: The content of this book was initially written and issued as a set of notes for the course Prestressed Concrete: Design and Practice, commissioned by the Prestressed Concrete Division of the Concrete Society of Southern Africa. The course was aimed at young engineers and technologies with little or no experience in the design of prestressed concrete structures, and it was the intention that it should serve as a vehicle for providing bridging education between tertiary training and design practice. Although the objective and intended audience of the book is the same as that of the course, it can also serve as a useful reference text for undergraduate students, post-graduate students and practising designers. It is important to note that a unique feature of the book is that current South African practice is emphasised throughout the text.

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