The South African Institution Of Civil Engineering

NEC4: The Role of the Service Manager

Year Published: 13 November 2019

Author: Bronwyn Mitchell and Barry Trebes

Publisher: ICE Publishing

ISBN Number: 978-0-7277-6446-1

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Summary: Written by two NEC experts, NEC4: The Role of the Service Manager describes the technical and behavioural traits required for the role of Service Manager in a NEC4 Term Service Contract (TSC4). Practical examples show how the Service Manager plays a key role in providing leadership, encouraging a collaborative culture and working collaboratively with the wider service team. The book is divided into a chronological set of learning outcomes that mirror the order in which a service can be established and implemented. With numerous flowcharts, checklists, and sample forms, NEC4: The Role of the Service Manager is an essential practical guide for those performing the role of Service Manager, and will also be a useful reference for Contractors looking to work effectively with the TSC4, and an effective companion for TSC4 training courses.

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