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NEC4 Alliance Contract Special Edition Box Set

Year Published: 2018

Publisher: ICE Publishing

ISBN Number: 978-0-7277-6389-1

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Weight: 3000g

Summary: The NEC4 Alliance Contract is a multiparty contract for the appointment of a number of partners to create an alliance to deliver a major project or programme of work. Contracting as an alliance offers a different approach to collaborative working between Clients and suppliers compared with other types of contract. An alliance contract suits Clients who wish to enter into a longer terms collaborative contract with a number of suppliers in order to deliver a large scale multidiscipline project or programme of work. The basis of the contract is that all parties work together in achieving the Client’s objectives and share in the risks and benefits of doing so. The potential benefit of using this contract is a much deeper collaboration between all suppliers, including consultants and contractors, bound by common interests and reduced grounds for dispute.

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