The South African Institution Of Civil Engineering

NEC4: A User's Guide

Year Published: 2021

Author: Dr Jon Broome

Publisher: ICE Publishing

ISBN Number: 978-0-7277-6205-4

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Summary: NEC4: A User’s Guide is a fully updated new edition of the essential book focused on working successfully with the NEC suite of contracts. It covers how the NEC family of contracts fit together, good practice prior to, and following award of the contract in the crucial first months. Each chapter draws on results of previous research, and the author’s substantial experience in helping clients, contractors and consultants to get the best out of the contract and improve project results for all participants. Clearly written and authoritative, the book provides straightforward explanations of the most important areas of the NEC4 suite of contracts, focusing on the Engineering & Construction (ECC) contract. The chapters contain a multitude of practical tips that help deliver better project outcomes.

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