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JBCC Principal Building Agreement 6.2 2018

Edition: 6.2

Year Published: 2018

Publisher: Joint Building Contracts Committee

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Summary: The JBCC® PBA is suitable for all building contracts and may be used with a Bill of Quantities, or a Schedule of Rates and drawings. The PBA is synchronized with the JBCC® N/S Subcontract agreement to appoint nominated and selected subcontractors binding them to same conditions as the principal contractor The Agreement is dived into seven sections comprising 30 clauses. In addition to being a legal document the content has been structured as a checklist to administer the execution of the works and to minimise potential disagreement - to effectively use expensive man-hours of all the role players in a building project The Agreement is signed between the employer and the contractor - in conjunction with the Contract Data in which all contract variables are recorded, initially by the employer to solicit offers from contractors, and completed by the contractor and submitted as the form of tender.

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