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Geotechnics in the African Environment - Proceedings of the Tenth Regional Conference for Africa on soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering and the Third International Conference on Tropical & Residual Soils/Maseru/23-27 September 1991

Edition: volume 1

Year Published: 1991

Author: GE Blight, AB Fourie, I Luker, DJ Mouton & RJ Scheurenberg

ISBN Number: 9054100087

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Summary: As one of the few remaining areas on earth where large-scale primary infrastructure development work has still to be carried out, Africa has a particular concern with Geotechnical Engineering. The African environment poses many significant challenges to the geotechnical engineer and engineering geologist. Most of the African continent and Madagascar lie within the tropics. This fact, combined with great antiquity of the African land surface means that many of Africa's geotechnical problems involve tropical and residual soils. This volume contains a wealth of information on the geotechnology of Africa, and in particular, problems associated with tropical and residual soils in the African context.

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