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General Conditions of Contract for Construction works Second Edition 2010 plus Management Guide to the General Conditions of Contract, First Edition 2010 (set)

Edition: 2nd Edition

Year Published: 2010

Author: SAICE

Publisher: SAICE

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Summary: Following on six years of application in construction engineering works, the General Conditions of Contract for Construction Workd, Second Edition, 2010, has now been revised to clear up responsibilities and to provide for a wider spectrum of construction works, together with the Management Guide to the GCC 2010 Guide is intended for all the fellow workers in the construction industry who occasionally need some guidance when the unexpected happens and the conditions in the General Conditions of Contract for Construction Works, Second Edition, 2010 (GCC 2010) need to be applied to determine the rights and liabilities of the parties to the Contract. This Guide is not a substitute for, or part of GCC 2010, nor does it purport to be a legal interpretation thereof. The aim is to facilitate understanding the GCC 2010.

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