The South African Institution Of Civil Engineering

FIDIC The White Book Guide with Other Notes on Documents for Consultancy Agreements

Edition: Second Edition

Year Published: 2001

Author: FIDIC

Publisher: FIDIC

ISBN Number: 0

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Summary: The White Book has been prepared in three stages. The objective of the first stage was to edit FIDIC's International General Rules of Agreement (IGRA) 1979 D&S document into simpler language and a more logical order, and to develop it into a format consistent with the FIDIC style traditionally adopted for its other standard forms of conditions of contract. In the second stage, alterations were made in principle to take account of written comments received on IGRA 1979 D&S and to accord with current practice and the intent of drafts of sample documents for consulting services prepared by International Funding Agencies (IFA). The last, more difficult, stage was to refine the provisions for liability, insurance and indemnity.

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