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Construction Methods for Civil Engineering - Second Edition

Edition: Second Edition

Year Published: 2013 Reprinted 2016

Author: Errol van Amsterdam

Publisher: JUTA

ISBN Number: 978-0-70219-770-3

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Summary: Construction methods for civil engineering second edition is written for tertiary students who are studying towards a National Diploma or bachelor's degree in civil engineering. It introduces the fundamental concepts related to various forms of construction and is essential for anyone looking to gain a firm grounding in construction methods within the field of civil engineering in general. Construction methods for civil engineering second edition bridges the gap between school and university by explaining, in plain language, the fundamentals of civil engineering through practical examples and everyday concepts. This edition has been fully revised. It has in-depth explanations of various civil engineering concepts and acknowledges the major shift of focus towards Expanded public works programmes and employment creation. Furthermore, it encourages students to access virtual information through recommended websites and other sources of information. Civil engineering concepts are related to situations encountered in the field to enhance understanding of these concepts.

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