The South African Institution Of Civil Engineering

Code of Practice Foundations and Superstructures for Single Storey Residential Buildings of Masonry Construction

Edition: First Edition

Year Published: 1995

Author: Joint Structural Division of SAICE

Publisher: Joint Structural Division of SAICE

ISBN Number: 0-620-19317-4

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Summary: The purpose of this code of practice, in respect of single storey masonry buildings is to provide: a procedure to classify founding horizons according to their potential to cause foundation movements in terms of building practice; general design principles with a view to accommodating expected foundations movements in the design of the foundations and of the superstructure in a manner which will prevent distortions and cracking in excess of the pre-determined level of damage; guidance on the location and design of articulated joints; simple rules to facilitate construction on founding horizons exhibiting a low range of movement; and simple rules relating to structural aspects of superstructures which, if adopted, will result in buildings having adequate strength and structural integrity.

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