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Accessibility and the Bus System - Transforming the World

Edition: Second Edition

Year Published: 2016

Author: Nick Tyler

Publisher: ICE Publishing

ISBN Number: 978-0-7277-5980-1

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Summary: A comprehensive view of what buses can and cannot do, how we can make sure that they provide the maximum positive contribution to the functioning of a city while minimising the negative impacts, and how to design and implement a fully accessible, safe and sufficient bus system that is genuinely available to all members of society, irrespective of their capabilities. Drawing on the author's global experience, this new edition treats 21 st century needs for urban transport in a holistic way, and enable the reader to consider the realities of modern cities to develop transport systems and policy based on sound thinking. Containing up-to-the-minute research outcomes, this book is vital for city transport planners, bus system designers and implementers, transport engineers, civil engineers, bus operators, transport consultants and policy makers.

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