The South African Institution Of Civil Engineering

A Guide to Practical GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING in Africa

Edition: Fifth Edition

Year Published: 2019

Author: Revised and updated by G Byrne, Dr N Chang and Dr V Raju


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Summary: The new Fifth Edition, co-authored once again by Gavin Byrne – together with Dr Nicol Chang as Technical Director of Franki and Dr Venu Raju as the Keller Group’s Director: Engineering and Operations – depicts Franki’s expansion through the African continent and the Indian Ocean Islands. The ownership of Franki Africa by the Keller Group, the largest geotechnical contractor worldwide, is reflected in the significant change and evolution of the book’s content. In addition to the construction and design of deep foundations, lateral support and marine works in the third and fourth editions, the fifth edition incorporates Keller’s extensive range of ground improvement, grouting and associated design methodologies. Trenchless technology and the introduction to Limit State Design are an added feature of the comprehensive publication. Franki’s key suppliers are acknowledged and provided with advertorial space and reference to their products/equipment.

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